Let’s face it; there is something incredible on the horizon of human existence. This something is beyond anything in this material world. Greater then our intellect lies the deepest connection of Universal Existence, A true knowing that we are all born with and so desire for the rest of our adult lives to return to. This connection is Consciousness, and today, more than ever in modern civilization people are intuitively being drawn into a place of wisdom. Human beings, in this age, are difinitively finding their truth and living their marked destinies, free of boundaries, addictive desires, and emotional turmoil. On the whole, human beings are letting go of the EGO. With this divinity comes a boom of creativity and spiritual connection unlike anything we have ever seen in this lifetime. And now we all have place to witness it…

4DALOVE.org (Cultivating Conscious Gatherings) is a donation-based, non-profit event marketing organization that was created to be a reflection of truth to all those that are ready to witness it. Working Hand and Hand with various Humanitarian and Eco-Friendly Organizations, Through the medium of Concerts, Film Screenings, Galleries, Healing Workshops, Seminars, Dinner Parties, Meditations, Dance Parties, Ect., 4DALOVE.org sets its sights on serving and building communities world-wide. This can only be done under the infinite grace of the Divine. As more people come together and share ideas, art and knowledge there is a greater resonance on a sub-conscious level in the human mind. By Cultivating Conscious Gatherings, 4DALOVE.org can play its part in the shifting from social conditioning to self-realization.



“Repair your own mind for the sake of Earth kind. There is no better time to unwind the layers of linear time and allow truth to intertwine” -Danke

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